Accelerate the Recovery from Long COVID

Testimonial of a Long COVID Patient — Cardiac function returned to normal after taking UBETTER® for one month

A Long COVID patient was suffering from weakened heart function, fatigue, loss of appetite, and poor sleep. After taking UBETTER® for one month, her health condition has improved significantly

Cardiax’s HOTMAN™ System test showed that her heart function was significantly improved, the weak heart returned to normal, and the cardiac output, cardiac index, stroke volume, and cardiac index all returned to normal.

NMN’s Healing Effects on Long COVID

Dr. Robert Huizenga of Harvard Medical School, a well-known American immunology doctor, published a case report, which caused a sensation in the field of clinical medicine: a 55-year-old woman received the hydroxychloroquine triple therapy touted by Trump 11 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19, and her condition was severe. Not only did it not improve, but it worsened further – with a high fever of 39.4°C, decreasing blood oxygen saturation, and deteriorating bilateral lung infiltrates.

On the evening of the 12th day, the patient received NMN cocktail therapy under the advice of Robert and other doctors. The next night after taking the medicine, her immune level increased by 85%. After 2 days, the symptoms including fever improved significantly; and after 5 days, she recovered. She was then discharged from the hospital, and the COVID-19 test was negative 10 days later. The X-ray of her lungs is as follows –

Deer Antler Gano’s Healing Effects on Long COVID

UBETTER® combines powerful anti-disease and anti-aging ingredients from the East and the West, to effectively enhance immunity while fighting diseases, promoting rapid recovery from Long COVID.

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