Our Brand- Health Square

Health Square is an innovative concept of longevity biotechnology brand founded by a team of four doctors and one doctor.

Health Square has an insight into the development of the international health industry and is at the forefront of innovation and technology. It is committed to integrating high potency nutritional molecules needed by the human body, including high-quality Chinese herbal medicine and plant extracts, longevity factor NMN and other nano-molecular nutrients through the world’s cutting edge biotechnology technology, to regulate, improve and enhance cell function, promote cell health, and create for humanity healthy, happy and longevity life

Health Square also stands for H2″. The squared Hare “Happiness” and “Harmony”, expressing that our mission is to help people achieve a happy, harmonious, and healthy lifestyle that leads to a longevity life that is longer, younger and happier as time goes.

Our Objectives

Health Square complies with the laws of nature and explores solutions to human health and longevity from the perspective of holistic medicine and natural medicine, working with a professional scientific research team to develop reverse aging and anti-aging health care products that reopen the gateway to healthy, happy, and harmonious longevity.

Our Team

The founder of the Health Square team — Dr. Liu, a doctor of medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has been engaged in clinical work and experimental research for decades, and has cooperated with many distinguished universities in the world, including Harvard University in the United States, University of Washington, University of Melbourne in Australia, Tel Aviv University in Israel, National University of Singapore, Chinese University of Hong Kong and
other world renowned institutions, under the tutelage of world acclaimed doctors and professors, including Professor Hugh Taylor in Australia, Professor Arthur Lim in Singapore, and Professor Dennis Lam and CP Pang in Hong Kong.

Based on scientific research, Dr. Liu meticulously selects high-potency natural raw materials from around the world, and applies unique formulas and innovative technologies to create a series of high-quality and high-efficacy health products to help people improve their physical fitness and cells Health, to relieve the pain of disease, and help people to live a happier, healthier, and longer life without the use of drugs, as the Chinese wisdom goes. The sincerity of great medicine lies in preventing diseases before they happen.

Dr. Liu’s vision is to use advanced biotechnology combined with high-end nutritional molecules to create an era of healing without medicine.

Dr. Liu’s Life Development Stage

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