NMN Can Effectively Improve Sleep And Insomnia

Many people in today’s society have sleep problems. Poor sleep quality not only affects work and study performance but also greatly reduces the quality of life. According to research analysis, human sleep time is related to the NAD+ level in the body. As we age, NAD+ levels decrease in the body, which may be the cause of insomnia or less time spent in deep sleep.

NMN can regulate circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality

The circadian rhythm is the internal clock that helps the body regulate its natural energy flow, and when the circadian rhythm doesn’t work properly, it can disrupt sleep patterns. Disruption of circadian rhythms can have negative health effects, including accelerating the aging process and increasing susceptibility to disease.

NAD+ plays a vital role in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle. A healthy circadian rhythm is closely associated with sirtuins, a group of proteins that support cellular health and play a key role in regulating cellular homeostasis. However, sirtuins can only work properly when sufficient amounts of NAD+ are present in the cell.

NAD+ also helps maintain the proper activity of genes that regulate circadian rhythms and repairs the DNA that directs circadian rhythm function. This is why sleep becomes irregular when there is a lack of NAD+. Supplementing with NAD+ helps normalize this cycle and provides better, more restful sleep.

Relieves Jet Lag Problems

Jet lag is a common but short-lived sleep problem caused primarily by disrupting the body’s familiar circadian rhythms when flying across two or more time zones. The body’s natural rhythms are out of sync with the day and night times of the destination, causing the body’s internal clock to fail to adapt quickly enough to the sudden change and feeling uncomfortable. Symptoms include headaches and trouble sleeping (insomnia).

Since NAD+ can effectively regulate the circadian rhythm and increase the level of NAD+ in the body, it can improve jet lag caused by travel or business.

UBETTER® Liposomal NMN Gano can quickly supplement NMN to increase the NAD+ levels in the brain and effectively treat various sleep disorders.

What is NAD+?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, referred to as coenzyme appears in many metabolic reactions of cells, and plays an irreplaceable role in the oxidation of ethanal, glycogenolysis, fat metabolism, ATP cycle and respiratory chain.

NAD+ decreases with age. At the age of 50, the NAD+ content is only half of that of young people.

However NAD+ is not absorbed well by the digestive system, nor directly taken up by cells, making its oral supplementation impracticable.

Dietary supplemeritation with NMN can increase the NAD+ levels in cells. Especially in the middle-aged and beyond, it can reactivate cell function, reverse cell cycle, activate longevity gene, extend the length of telomeres, and play the role of anti-aging and prolonging life.

Increasing the level of NAD+ in the body can prevent or reduce senile diseases, such as Alzheimers, memory loss, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure. diabetes, obesity, etc.

New Scientific Research Discovers Human Longevity Supplement —–NMN

Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University’s Genetics and Anti-aging Research Center discovered the mystery of human longevity in 2014 that is, supplementing NMN, a direct precursor of an essential coenzyme NAD +, can reverse aging and prolong life.

The paper was first published in the top international medical journal European Journal of Molecular Biology (EMBO), and related research results were published in Cell Nature and Science respectively. In 2019, Professor David Sinclair published the New York Times bestseller “Lifespare: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To”, and was selected by Times as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, acclaiming him as a famous geneticist who realizes age reversal. 

Rapidly Boost NAD+ Levels

The NAD+ levels in the human body can be increased through exercise and diet, but the increase is very low. NMN as a direct precursor of NAD can be supplemented separately and quickly converted into NAD+ in the cells to participate in the whole process of life.

Increasing the NAD + level in the body can enhance the length of telomeres, reverse cell degeneration, repair DNA damage, enhance mitochondrial function, promote the rejuvenation of nerve cells, and effectively improve the health of various organs in the body to effectively achieve reversing aging and healthy longevity.

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