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Our products are researched and developed by a professional team consisting of four PhDs and one docter.

With our philosophy founded on scientific research, complemented by innovative technology, unique formulas, as well as high-potency natural ingredients meticulously sourced from around the world, we created a collection of health and beauty products for helping people achieve healthy and happy longevity.

We are a company that helps people heal without medicine and to be healthy inside and out – “Live Longer Live Younger.”

— A New Generation Drug Delivery Vehicle

Liposomes are a revolutionary way of encapsulating nutritional particles in a phospholipid “bubble” to protect and deliver them directly to the cells of the whole body through the bloodstream.

The phospholipids in the liposomes closely resemble the structure of the cell membranes, and hence the body recognizes them as safe and friendly substances and this greatly enhances bioavailability.

Nutrients are absorbed and utilised rather than being destroyed in the stomach. The higher their bioavailability of an active substance, the more effect it has on the body. This means greater efficacy and smaller doses are needed to achieve better results.

Advantages of Liposomes.

  • high bioavailability
  • high cell potency
  • Oral usage, intravenous injection effect 

— 最新一代營養輸送系統


脂質體納米科技是一種先進的生物製藥技術,由諾貝爾科學家 Peter Agre 發明,利用特殊技術合成的磷脂體,包裹一些精細的基因片段,疫苗等納米微粒,輸送到人體特定的部位,以發揮治療作用, 也是有效輸送營養物質到細胞內的最佳載體。

  • 高度的生物利用度
  • 高效的細胞效能
  • 口服用法,靜脈注射效果

East Meets West

The longevity molecules NMN discovered by Western science and the king of herb – Gano (Reishi) embraced by Eastern medicinal wisdom are perfectly combined, and their benefits are synergistically multiplied to achieve anti-aging and anti-fatigue, enhance immunity, improve sleep quality, protect the liver from alcohol,and more, optimizing self-repair of the body.

UBETTER Liposomal NMN Gano
—The Second Generation Supplement

Combining NMNS age reversal power and the strong therapeutic effect of Deer Antler Gano, and enhanced by liposomal nanotechnology to achieve an absorption rate as high as 90%, the significant effects include:

  • Reverse Aging
  • Enhance Immunity
  • Improve Sleep
  • Protect the Liver and Mitigate The Damage from Alcohol
  • Improve Brain Health
  • Help Speed Up The Recovery From Long Covid Sequelae


結合NMN先進逆齡科技及鹿⻆靈芝特強治療功效, 再以脂質體納米科技提高吸收率, 發揮快速且顯著效果,包括 :
逆齡抗老 | 幫助⻑新冠後遺症加快恢復 | 增強免疫力| 改善睡眠 | 解酒護肝 | 大腦健康 | 年輕美麗肌膚 | 支持肌肉健康 | 優質睡眠

Perfect Solutions For Different Needs::

Health & Longevity

Raise NAD+ Levels
Activate Longevity Genes
Reverse Aging

Performance Boost

Enhance Muscle Health & Strength
Increase Athletic Endurance
Promote Metabolism & Weight Loss

Improve Health

Enhance Immunity
Improve Chronic Disease Symptons
Promote Body's Self-repair


Improve Skin Elasticity and Health
Delay Menopause
Promote Positive Mood

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Health Square 及 UBetter
— Latest News

UBETTER won the “Healthcare Professionals’ Choice – Brand Award for NMN Supplement” presented by the Hong Kong Consortium for Medical Nursing andHealthcare Development (MNHD)

Comments from the MNHD Conferences UBETTER gives back to the society with their professional knowledge and technology. In anuitor la providing free heart tests to those in need, they also actively organize health food and nutrition worksnons to teach the public how to choose nutrition and health care products correctly.

Health Square 及 UBetter

UBETTER榮獲香港醫療護理協會頒發的 – NMN保健品品牌大獎。香港醫醫療護理協會大會點評:
「UBETTER 以他們的專業知識及技術回饋社會,提供免費心臟檢測予有需要人士之餘,亦積極舉辦健康⻝品及營養品工作坊,教導市⺠如何正確選擇營養保健品。」

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